LED Light Box: Shine Your Artworks

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LED lightboxes can make your work stand out from the crowd in a way that nothing else can. By lighting up your art, posters or photos, you will make sure that people look at what you’re displaying. There’s a reason why advertisers have been using them for so long: they grab attention. Now artists are starting to realize that lightboxes can be useful for them too.


Choose Between Backlit or Side-Lit

There are two primary forms of lighting to choose between. First of all, there are backlit lightboxes. These shine light onto your art, movie posters or photos from behind. The impact of this is making the image itself jump out from the surroundings and the frame. Side-lit lightboxes create a slightly different visual effect. When the light is at the edges of the box, it diffuses through the box and often creates a subtler form of lighting for your photos or art.


Buy the Right Lightbox for Your Art

There are many different types of lightboxes, and you need to get the one that’s right for your art. For a start, the size of the lightbox can be crucial. Some are much larger and bulkier than others. You can make your art or photos look too washed out with light if you choose one that’s too big and powerful. That’s why it’s important to think about what kind of effect the lightbox will have. And will the eventual display location of the artwork allow for a large lightbox as well as the art itself? Or would a smaller one be better? These kinds of questions will need to be answered before you buy.


Make the Most of Vibrant Colors

One of the best things about using lightboxes is the effect they have on colors. So, if you have a piece of work with lots of vibrant colors, you can enhance them even further by using a lightbox. When you backlight the art with LED lights, the colors stand out and create a very impressive effect. You can’t recreate that kind of appearance in any other way. And it can even take your art up to the next level regarding the visual impact it has on the person viewing it. If that’s the kind of things you’re looking for, then a lightbox is essential.


Consider Where the Art Will be Displayed

When choosing what kind of lightbox will be right for your artwork, you need to make sure you consider where it will be displayed. Will the lighting provided by the lightbox have the desired effect in the location where your work will be displayed? That’s not always the case. In bright gallery settings, lighting can be useless. But you could use colored lighting to bring something else other than brightness to the work if you want to change it in this way. And make sure that the strength of the lighting that you opt for is suited to what you want to achieve. This is something that will be different for each artist.

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