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Seg Pop Up Display E02F4

When it comes to backdrops, our silicone edge graphic pop up portable booths are cutting-edge trade show solutions. These innovative advertising displays will become the centerpiece of your exhibit. Every print is finished with silicone edges to securely attach to the plastic frame channels. Straight or curved shapes as your need. Front side, edge sides and back side printing available.
  • E02F4
  • Smart Expo
  • 2.5ft(1x3), 5ft (2x3), 7.5ft (3x3), 10ft (4x3)

The SEG Pop Up offers all the features of portable pop up displays with the look of a custom display. It includes an accordion-style Pop Up frame that pops up quickly. After assembling the frame install the channel bars and install the graphic. Set up time should be around 20 minutes for the average person and when you are done you will have display that stands out from every other pop up display!

The key to this display is Silicon Edge Graphic finishing (SEG) that inserts into channel bars around the perimeter of the frame. Which creates a graphic with NO exposed finishing, no Velcro, no individual panels, no magnets, no lining up panels, or extreme stretching in the corners.


  1. The perfect centerpiece for your next trade show exhibit

  2. Features aluminum frame with removable bars

  3. Straight or curved shapes available 

  4. Front, edge, back printings all available with wrinkle-resistant polyester material

  5. Graphic is finished with silicone edges, allowing for a seamless appearance

  6. Easily add on accessories like LED lights and a portable trolley

Normal frame sizes: 2.5ft(1x3), 5ft (2x3), 7.5ft (3x3), 10ft (4x3) etc. 

Compared with E02F3 (aluminum edge channel), this new type features new developed plastic edge channel

E02F4 d1E02F4 d2E02F4 d3E02F4 d4E02F4 d5E02F4 s1


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